Peacock Wall Art Prints

Peacock Wall Art Prints


      Transform your space with stunning Peacock Wall Art Prints. Experience the mesmerising beauty of our exquisite collection, carefully curated to bring elegance and a touch of nature to your home.

      Peacock Wall Art: History & Symbolism

      Originating in India, the peacock has been depicted in art since the start of civilisation. Some of the earlier depictions come from China, where the peacock was the symbol of the Ming dynasty. Their impressive feather plumes and vibrant colours have seen the peacock associated with abundance, wealth, beauty and pride.

      The peacock can also represent a spiritual awakening, and this is the symbol that is most depicted in peacock artwork. Peacocks are also a status symbol; in England, peacocks were brought over from India and kept as
      pets to roam the grounds of stately homes. Their enchanting exoticism quickly made them a sought-
      after addition to wealthy families.

      Why is Peacock Art So Popular?

      Beyond the symbolism, peacocks are a popular subject for artists as they present a huge number of details and a spectacular array of colours. Their otherworldly characteristics pose a challenge to artists who seek to capture their ethereal and vibrant forms. However, there are many ways an artist may imagine or reimagine the peacock; the creations of Fab Funky bring out a more playful side to the majestic peacock using a simplistic style that allows the distinctive form of the peacock to shine.

      How to Choose Peacock Wall Art

      When choosing peacock wall art for your home, think about the incredible colouring of a peacock; the iridescent blues, emerald greens and glittering golds create a jewel toned dream and will brighten any home. Consider how the light of your space will impact your artwork; whether its artificial light that can accentuate finer details, or soft daylight that will enhance colours, your piece of art will shift from morning to evening.