Green Abstract Art Prints

Green Abstract Art Prints


      Looking for vibrant and mesmerising Green Abstract Art Prints? Explore our collection of stunning prints that capture the beauty and energy of this unique art form. Discover the perfect Green Abstract Art Print for your home or office today!

      What is Green Abstract Art?

      Abstract art is typically defined by 3 distinct characteristics; strong focus on colours, shapes and line,
      highly subjective and existing outside of the classic, recognisable visual references we see in the world (i.e. flowers/humans/animals). Abstract art is often perceived as a highly emotive form of art; portraying complex concepts and imbued with emotions, its subjective nature creates a continuing story that changes depending on who is viewing the work. Abstract art can take many forms including painting, sketching, prints and sculptures. Using a single colour for abstract artwork can have a powerful, visual effect that is perfect for making a statement. Shades of green move from delicate, pearlescent mint tones, right through to
      the bold, deep emerald shades – and everything in between! Green is a colour that carries great
      symbolism and its use in artwork can have a profound impact on the feeling and ambience of a

      Green Abstract Art: Symbolism and Meaning

      Using green as the dominant colour in abstract art encourages the viewer to look deeper; the absence of disguisable or recognisable form and subject matter tunes you into the use of colour and shape in order to understand the painting or artwork. Here are some of the most common interpretations and symbolic meanings of the colour green:

      Nature & The Environment: Green has been used for decades as a way to symbolise nature and the environment. Artists can use this association to raise awareness of issues surrounding the environment, addressing social and political topics – or they may simple use it to open the door and let the natural world unfold on the canvas.

      Fertility & Growth: A deeper extension of the nature symbolism is green used to represent ideas of growth and fertility. Often seen as the colour of Spring, green represents lushness and new growth both within the earth and between humans.

      Balance: Combining the tranquil tones of blue with the energetic sunshine of yellow, green is a place in-between that is rife with vibrancy but tempered with calm.

      Green can create very complex narratives within works due to the drastically different tones and shades that can be created. The human eye is drawn to green as a symbol of life and luck so a beautiful piece of green abstract art will bring positive energy to any room and provide an energetic focal point.

      Why Choose Green Abstract Art from Your Home?

      Letting the outdoors in with nature’s own favourite shade is the perfect way to bring harmony and balance into a room. Green is a highly versatile colour that can invoke joy, inspiration or even a touch of sexy, moodiness – depending on the tones and compositions. The proven psychological benefits of the colour green human mood are just one of the many reasons that green is such a popular colour for wall art. This, combined with the stirring and engaging nature of abstract art,
      create intriguing pieces of artwork that are sure to elevate your space.