Framed Modern Art Prints

Framed Modern Art Prints

      Explore the beauty of modern art prints. From vibrant abstract designs to stunning minimalist pieces, explore a wide range of prints that will elevate any space. Search these creative artworks and discover how they can add a touch of sophistication and style to your home or office.

      What are Modern Art Prints?

      The modern art movement emerged in the last 19th century. Before modern art, classical techniques and styles were used to paint a traditional perspective. There was little variance in the subject matter and the focus was on perfecting the classic styles. At the time, modern art was perceived as a dramatic departure, presenting a freedom of expression and a rejection of the traditional subject matter and style. Modern art prints are not the original works, however as printing processes have improved, they can be created with exceptional quality to an excellent finish. They offer people a chance to hang beautiful works of art that are affordable and eye-catching.

      What are the Key Features of Modern Art?

      The term ‘modern art’ has been adopted to describe artwork ‘created in modern time’, however this describes contemporary art. Some of the key features of true works of modern art are:

      Experimental Style: Artists actively sought out new styles which broke from traditional forms

      Impressionism: Monet and Degas were key players in the impressionist movement, which aimed to capture and immediate impression and feeling of a scene. They used loose brushstrokes with a focus on colour and light.

      Surrealism: Surrealist artists broke the boundary between reality and imagination, depicting dreamscapes and otherworldly scenes.

      Fauvism: Rather than using colour the traditional way, Fauvism uses it boldly to express emotion and convey meaning.

      Pop Art: A theme of pop art is to take everyday items, mass produced items and pop culture symbols and place them as the focus of the art. The emergence of pop art challenged the traditional form – it was seen as a betrayal to the works of the great artists that came before
      and was considered as lowering the tone of the fine art world.

      Sannib creates abstracted portraits of pop culture icons from the 20 th and 21 st century. The show stopping style of his contemporary works offers a clear nod to the modern artists who came before him. He is a bold and brilliant artist, and his works are sure to add vibrancy and fun to the walls of any home.

      Sarah Graham’s contemporary work showcases the rebellious themes of modern art. Her incredible oil paintings of everyday objects, including sweets, use distortion, soft light and unnatural colours to create powerful works that challenge perspective.

      Such exquisite works deserve to be showcased properly. Framing is a complex process which, when executed properly, can truly enhance a piece of art. Furthermore, the correct frame can protect a piece of art, ensuring it can be enjoyed for the years to come. Encompassing several movements, modern art presents people with a diverse selection of styles to appreciate, all of which are united by expression and freedom.

      Modern art prints cover a spectrum of moods, colours, emotions and tones. While no longer considered shocking, the subjects are as intriguing and thought-provoking as they were at the dawn of the movement.

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