Black and White Abstract Art Prints

Black and White Abstract Art Prints


      Discover the timeless elegance of abstract black and white art with our captivating collection of prints. Elevate your space with striking contrasts that evoke emotion and intrigue. Transform any room into a gallery of sophistication and style with our handpicked selection of Black and White Abstract Art Prints.

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      What is Black and White Abstract Art?

      Abstract art is typically defined by 3 distinct characteristics; strong focus on colours, shapes and line, highly subjective and existing outside of the classic, recognisable visual references we see in the world (i.e. flowers/humans/animals). Abstract art is often perceived as a highly emotive form of art; portraying complex concepts and imbued with emotions, its subjective nature creates a continuing story that changes depending on who is viewing the work. Abstract art can take many forms including painting, sketching, prints and sculptures. Creating black and white abstract arts presents a gritty, additional challenge to the artist, who cannot rely on human connections between colours to underpin their works. When executed properly, black and white abstract art can be some of the most moving and striking artwork for a home.

      The Absence of Colour: The Presence of Meaning

      So, how does the absence of colour impact the viewers experience of black and white abstract art? Shade and tone take centre stage and special attention is paid to the use of light and dark. Bold, brash strokes are as common in black and white abstract prints as softness and delicate hues of grey. Black and white command attention in a way that is entirely different to colour; they invite the viewer to stand back, take in more and contemplate the works’ hidden meanings. The genius works of Frank Pretorius are a masterclass in black and white artistry. Rich brush strokes and intense shadows break before streaks of lights with hints of form that separate Frank’s work from ‘true’
      abstract. Nevertheless, his unique lens presents subjects in a new light that leaves viewers enchanted.

      Why Choose Black and White Abstract Wall Prints?

      In the home, black and white abstract wall prints invite conversation and come with the bonus of being extremely versatile. They are suited wide range of different rooms, colour pallets and styles. They are perfect for adding dimension and intrigue to a gallery wall – but stand alone as eye-catching and engaging pieces of artwork. Our framed prints ensure your black and white masterpieces will command the attention of everyone in the room, with expertly selected frames to effortlessly enhance the works.

      Where to Hang Black and White Abstract Wall Prints

      Don’t be afraid to lean into the drama that a black and white print demands. These powerful works can become natural centrepieces, lending themselves to moody settings, or being used to contrast vibrant walls and bright colours. Hang at eye-level to ensure you black and white abstract wall print
      can be truly appreciated.