Birds Wall Art Prints

Birds Wall Art Prints


      Freedom, lightness and beauty; bird wall art can immediately uplift a room, bringing in nature and adding vibrancy. Our collection of bird art showcases the incredible skills of our artists, as well as the endless colour possibilities within the subject. Expertly framed and carefully curated, find the perfect avian inspired art for your space today.

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      What is Bird Wall Art?

      Birds are a captivating subject for artists; the intricacies on their feathers, their unique movements and the huge spectrum of colour they present all provide a wealth of inspiration. Birds also carry symbolism, which varies from bird to bird, and from culture to culture. Many artists play with this symbolism to convey a deeper meaning and tell a story with their work. There can also be historical and social commentary within bird wall art. Original avian artwork sought to identify species, while contemporary works comment on conservation and global warming.

      What Are the Key Features of Bird Wall Art?

      Taking on the bright and brilliant beauty of birds can take many forms, but there are a few key features that artists use regularly in their work:

      Detailing & Texture: Intricate detailing is often used to portray the unique characteristics of the bird being featured in the art. This detailing is often used to create texture in the art, giving it a tactile quality.

      Symbolism: Freedom and peace, love and prosperity...the joy and symbolism of birds is entrenched in cultures across the globes. Capturing this symbolism, artists give their works complex meanings, leaving clues and indicators for the viewer to ponder upon.

      Peace: Birds are often chosen as a focal point for works that wish to convey peace and harmony. In the home, they can create a calming effect and feelings of relaxation.

      Character: Birds can also be anthropomorphised, the artists gracing them with quirky characteristics to create playful pieces that inspired joy and humour.

      Our collection of bird wall art showcases the different ways our incredible artists take on the symbolism and beauty of birds.

      Fab Funky’s playful and affordable bird prints are a great example of how art can spark joy in the home. Their diverse collection of bird wall art is perfect for adding a whimsical touch to any home.

      Derrick Fielding’s quirky works combine elements of nature with a graphical, comic-book style. His bold use of colour and subtle humour create unique pieces of artwork that inspire conversation and bring delight.

      Linda Charles’s mixed media bird art presents a classic style, with a twist. The pale blues and whites are evocative of painted China, with Linda’s own style shining through. The detailing and colour pallet is perfect for creating a calming ambience in any space.

      The history of bird wall art is intriguing and for some customers, a large part of the appeal. The history of bird art goes back to the ancient civilisations of Egypt where birds were used in hieroglyphics and believed to hold a connection to the afterlife. In ancient Greece, birds adorned pottery and in the Medieval period they can be seen embellishing manuscripts. The Renaissance period saw a move toward realistic depictions of birds as a means of scientific recording. Contemporary artists draw from these early forms, redefining and reimagining the beautiful world of birds in their modern creations.

      Bird art can be used to brighten and invigorate any space within your home. Consider the colour pallets used within the work and how they can complement the room. It is also important to think about lighting. The incredible detailing and colours of bird wall art will shift in different lights – play with the spaces in your home to uncover where it shines brightest.