Animal Wall Art Prints

Animal Wall Art Prints


      Discover a stunning collection of animal wall art prints featuring majestic tigers, elephants, lions, highland cows, stags, zebras, giraffes, cats, dogs, horses, foxes, rabbits, and hares. Capture the beauty, elegance, and wild spirit of these magnificent creatures. Bring a touch of nature and wildlife into your space with our exquisite animal art prints. Shop now for your animal wall art prints and elevate your home decor with a statement piece that will captivate any animal lover.

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      What is Animal Wall Art?

      Animal wall art is a fantastic way to bring nature into your home. It uses birds, beasts, sea animals, insects and fantastical creatures as its subject matter for colourful and inspiring art works. Animal wall art can also hold a personal significance for people, reminding them of holidays, beloved pets and other special memories. Animal art prints are sought after for the visual impact they create but they can also be used to convey deeper messages on topics such as sustainability and the

      What are the Key Features of Animal Wall Art?

      Artists use the inspiration of animals and nature and a vast variety of ways – no two pieces of art are the same and the abundance of nature and its beauty provides a wealth of inspiration for artists. However, there are some key features of animal art prints that you may observe during your search:

      Bright Colours: Capturing the colours of nature has been a goal of artists for centuries. Vibrant feathers, shimmering scales and spotted hides are just some of the aspects you may see artists trying to capture in their works.

      Complex Textures: Much like colour, the textures of nature are rich and enchanting with many of them challenging even the most skilled artists. Furs, feathers, scales and skin may be created in paint, pencil or collage.

      Symbolism: Culturally, historically and religiously, different animals hold different meanings across the globe. Many artists take these meanings and work them into their creations, creating layers of symbolism for the viewer to uncover.

      Emotions: Though wordless, human beings have attempted to interpret and understanding the feelings and needs of animals since the dawn of man. Playfulness, fear, comfort...talented artists can use their animal subjects to portray a full spectrum of emotions.

      Eclectic Styles and Themes: Artists can use any medium to create animal inspired artwork.

      Our portfolio of exceptional artists each capture and portray animals in unique ways using their own style and techniques.

      Hue Folk’s brave and bold style is heavily influenced by pop culture elements and street art styles. His animal works are a clever balance of natural and artificial elements, using realistic animal images set amongst newspaper cuttings and adverts with garish colour streaks. There is narrative and social commentary in Hue Folk’s works, with many finding his animal art prints deeply stirring conversation starters.

      Dean Martin’s sensitive works often use black and white to create realistic animal portraits with hints of a painterly technique that enhance the work. While often painting animals with simplistic beauty, many of his pieces feature playful elements such as jewellery to add interest to the composition.

      The work of Frank Pretorius demonstrates an inherent understanding of animals, their spirits and movements. He portrays his subjects using a contemporary style that is clearly underpinned by a deep understanding of animal anatomy. They are masterful works, full of depth and movement.

      Bringing nature into our home can lift the energy of a space. Animals are akin with joy and comfort; animal art can bring those same feelings. Out of all the subject of art, it is often animal based pieces that people feel the greatest emotional reaction to. They are passion pieces that will immediately strike a cord with the right viewer. With Framed Art Direct, you have the opportunity to own and admire any piece you feel connected to, and appreciate it for the years to come.