Elephant Wall Art Prints

Elephant Wall Art Prints


      Majestic, wise and sacred – our collection of elephant wall art will transform your space. Elevate your décor with these exquisite pieces, curated to enhance any room. Shop now and create an awe-inspiring ambience with our Elephant Wall Art prints.

      What Do Elephants Symbolise in Art?

      Across the globe, elephants have been used in art for centuries. Their symbolism varies from culture
      to culture, presenting a wealth of inspiration for contemporary artists.

      Key Features of Elephant Art

      Luck & Prosperity: In Feng Shui and other spiritual practices, elephants are a symbol of luck, fortune and prosperity thought to bring positive energy into the home.

      Wisdom: Elephants are believed to possess great wisdom and intelligence; in art, that is often interpreted as foresight and predictions, leaving the viewer to ruminate on the significance of the elephant’s presence.

      Family: As herd animals, elephants are known for creating strong bonds. They are highly social animals and in artwork they can convey a message of unity, harmony and familial support.

      Strength: Their size and power make elephants a symbol of endurance and resilience. Their long lives and peaceful nature combined with their strength are a poignant reminder of the quiet steel we
      can use to overcome life’s greatest challenges.

      Escapism: Elephant wall art is also a form of escapism – the hot climates and beautiful landscapes
      that elephants call home are the perfect way to introduce sunshine and culture into your home.

      Elephant wall art can take many forms – most popular, are realistic painting that capture the natural beauty of an elephant. Ben Jeffrey creates stunning portraits of elephants that are imbued with emotion and crafted with an inherent sensitivity to the animal. He captures the essence and character of his gentle giants, using natural colour pallets reminiscent of the water, earth and sky. However, many artists also used mixed media and layering, incorporating the silks and patterning of India. Fab Funky creations are full of personality, flair and bold colours.

      Enchanting and positive, elephant wall art will be a welcome addition to any animal lover or travel enthusiast's home. Hang your artwork at eye-level where it can be truly appreciated.