Disney Wall Art Prints

Disney Wall Art Prints


      Nostalgia, whimsy and magic! Unlock the fantastical world of Disney with our curated collection of Disney wall art and Disney prints. Our esteemed artists present your favourite Disney scenes and characters, playfully reimagined in their own unique styles. Framed Disney art is the perfect way to add wonder and joy to your home.

      What is Disney Wall Art?

      Founded in the 1920s, Disney changed the world with its child-focused stories and enchanting animation. Today, Disney continues to captivate kids and grown-ups across the globe and has become a widely recognised and hugely collected subject of art. The Disney films and characters are a rich and endless source of inspiration for contemporary artists; whether it’s reimagining the look of classic characters such as Snow White, or painting iconic scenes in new mediums, Disney wall art is a charming way to bring magic into your home.

      What are the Key Features of Disney Wall Art?

      What is the Disney Art Style?
      The distinct style of Disney art is often defined as magical realism; characters and scenes are presented in a realistic way but through a magical, exaggerated lens. Before CGI, static backgrounds were intricately painted, and characters were brought to life on top of the still layer. Today, the traditional techniques fuse with the ever-developing forms of digital art. While the Disney style has progressed from the earlier films and animations, there are elements that make it unmistakably Disney.

      What Are the Key Features of Disney Wall Art?
      Outside of the Disney artists themselves, there are some key features that contemporary artists use in their own Disney-inspired works:

      Colour Work: Disney art uses a carefully chosen colour palette moving from bright and bold, to delicate pastel to create a vibrant but whimsical effect. Colours can also be coded, with certain tones indicating villains and others, heroes. It can also play on psychological colour theory, the suggestion that certain colours evoke particular emotions (such as yellow for happiness).

      Inspiring Messages: Disney art can be deeply moving, conveying inspiring messages of hope, endurance, love and kinship.

      Rebellion: Although Disney may not strike viewers as immediately rebellious, artists may twist original characters, giving them new and imaginative origin stories. These acts of artistic rebellion encourage us to reconsider the concept of ‘hero’ and ‘villain’.

      Nostalgia: Generations have grown up with Disney and Disney wall art is sure to inspire a sense of warmth and nostalgia in those who view it.

      Varying Styles & Materials: Like the evolution of Disney animation itself, artists may utilise traditional sketching and painting, collage, mixed media or digital techniques to create their works.

      Zombi’s work elevates graffiti art into fine art. Influenced heavily by the 90s urban art scene, Zombi uses explosive colours and a disruptive style to capture pop culture figures from his childhood and beyond. His Disney depictions are full of vibrancy, using a psychedelic layered style that will make you look twice...and then look again.

      Using a mix of background stencilling and hand-painted acrylic characters, Emily Crook sets her Disney characters in a whole new world. Adopting iconic motifs from the world of fashion, her distinctive designs are full of story and detailing – a whole new way of looking at Disney.

      When it comes to having a signature style, Sannib’s work is a masterclass. Graphic elements, defined colour ways and an intricate process create textured and complex pieces – an intriguing and gorgeous setting for Disney characters!

      Yes! Framing adds incredible impact to a piece of art; it is a practice designed to enhance and protect the work and our framing service makes the process smooth and hassle-free.

      There are no rules when it comes to artwork – if you fall in love with a piece, you are sure to find the perfect spot for it in your home! Here are some tips for choosing and hanging your own piece of Disney wall art:

      Disney prints are perfect for children’s bedrooms and hangout spaces – but the right Disney art can look just as striking in an adult space!

      Disney wall art is eye-catching and demands a space where it can shine! A carefully chosen feature wall colour can take your artwork to the next level.

      The general rule for artwork is to hang at eye-level where it can be appreciated; however, if the art is in a kid's space, break the rules and hang it lower, to add it to a gallery wall where they kids can make the most of it.