Cat Wall Art Prints

Cat Wall Art Prints


      Elegance, intrigue and mystery...cats have captivated humans since the dawn of time and their image has added whimsy and personality to homes ever since. Our curated collection of cat wall art has everything from playful depictions to powerful musings so you can find the perfect piece for your home.

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      What Does Cat Wall Art Symbolise?

      Cats are significant to cultures all over the world and have long been immortalised in paintings, sketches and sculptures. They are the subject of graphical art and cartoons and the human desire to characterise and understand them has proved a source of inspiration for artists through the generations. Cats can be seen as symbols of protection and guardianship; in ancient Egypt cats were revered and early examples of cat artwork was discovered from this time. They also embody mystery and feminine energy. In Japanese and Scottish culture, they are symbols of luck and prosperity. However, for many it is the beauty and companionship of a cat that makes them the perfect subject for a piece of artwork.

      What Are the Key Features of Cat Wall Art?

      Cat art is as varied as the loveable personalities of cats themselves. However, there are a few features which many artists use in their works:

      Personalised Themes: Specifics breeds, and their personalities are a way for artists to connect the viewer to the piece. Cat owners may recognise their own beloved pets in the work, and this creates an attachment to the piece.

      Posing & Shape: The shapes and movement are a cat are incredibly distinctive; artists may accurately capture or even exaggerate these lines and shapes in their work.

      Medium & Style Variety: From abstract to photo realism, pointillism to sculpture the defined and desired form of a cat can be presented in a spectrum of imaginative ways.

      The undeniable charm and elegance of the feline form – there are so many reasons our clients choose our framed cat art for their homes. For some, the inherent symbolism and magic of a cat can bring a feeling of protection to the home. For others, the majestic form and storytelling is the draw. But the most popular reason by far is; ‘because it made me smile’ - and that is truly the best reason to choose a piece of art!

      Inuka has a style influenced by urban artwork. They use texture and pattern along with bold, cartoon and pop culture images to create layered works that are sure to turn heads. Her cat artwork features the most memorable and beloved feline characters throughout children’s films and comic books, styled and imagined in her own unique way.

      JJ Adams creates disruptive talking pieces that are a riot of colour and hidden detailing. His graphic, mixed media style brings animals to life, imbuing them with character and story.

      Fab Funky’s whimsical designs capture the essence and spirit of a cat. For clients looking to find the perfect depiction of their feline friend, Fab Funky has a huge collection featuring different breeds and their playful personalities.