Movie Wall Art Prints

Movie Wall Art Prints

      Discover a stunning collection of movie art prints. Elevate your home decor with iconic framed movie prints. Browse our wide selection and add a touch of cinematic flair to any space. Shop now for the perfect piece of movie inspired movie wall art prints.

      What is Movie Wall Art?

      Movie art can be created using any medium and is portrayed using a wide variety of styles. Film posters are perhaps the most prominent example of movie art; however, artists draw information from film and cinema in a number of ways. The art often conveys emotion and narrative in a way that creates visually engaging artwork that is entwined with storytelling elements. Just as the world of film is beautifully vast, so too is the artwork that is inspires.

      What are the Key Features of Movie Art?

      There are several distinctive features you may see in movie wall art:

      Iconic characters & actors: The looming figure of Darth Vader, the bouncing blonde curls of Marilyn Monroe, the moody portraits of Michael art takes the characters and actors that sparkle on the big screen and captures them in enchanting ways.

      Colour Schemes: Movies have their own unique essence; colour schemes are just one of the ways artists aim to capture the spirit of a movie and transform it into wall art.

      Mixed Media & Collage: Collage is a popular way of combining multiple elements from a film into one cohesive piece of artwork.

      Dialogue, Words & Script: Exceptional scripts and powerful one liners are often the most memorable features of our favourite movies. Talented artists can work these poignant moments into their works with powerful effects.

      Poster Styles: Poster style movie art is a distinctive style – the layout, fonts and colour
      palette are often inspired from the original movie artwork but reimagined in a new way

      Our curated collection of movie art showcases renowned talent across a dynamic portfolio of inspiring works. Each artist draws inspiration from the world of movies, presenting them in fresh and unique ways. Chess’s mixed media works use original newspaper clippings, setting the actors and stars within their original era and context. Her works create an intriguing talking point, capturing both the character and the star behind them. With something new to see each time, her captivating works will add character and beauty to the home of any film fanatic.

      Monica Vincent’s contemporary works begin life as sketches but are transformed into complex, 3D creations using digital mapping. Her masks work feature comic book elements, perfectly captured in her unique digital style.

      Beyond the visual impact that defines movie wall art, Craig Davinson’s work is a fantastic example of the thought-provoking narratives that is born from movie inspired art. He depicts children embodied by the spirit of superheroes, movie stars and tv legends – capturing them in the shadow figures behind the children. His work is as empowering as it is beautiful.

      Movies have a unique way of capturing moments and memories. Films can hold a particular significance for individuals and movie wall art can be a wonderful way of sharing this passion and interest in a home. In a room, movie art can become a focal point, sparking conversation and encouraging viewers to share their own memories of opinion on the subject.

      The colours and textures that are common in movie wall art add vibrancy and colour to a home. They are a creative way of brightening a space while paying meaningful homage to the movie, its characters or actors.

      Movie wall art is popular in living spaces such as a lounge or cinema room; here it builds on the cinematic theme, adding a special ambience when settling down to watch a film. Certain artists also create works that work beautifully in child-focused spaces; their inspiring subject matter and fantastical elements are a wonderful way of introducing children to art.

      There are no rules when it comes to where movie artwork should be places – each home has it’s own quirks and characteristics and movie art is the perfect way to enhance them.

      Movies are rife with symbolism, thought-provoking subjects and emotional moments. When combined with the spectacular visuals, they provide a rich source of inspiration for artists. As the world of film develops and grows, so too does that artwork that it inspires.