Hare Wall Art Prints

Hare Wall Art Prints


      Explore the captivating world of Hare Wall Art. Transform your space with our exquisite Hare Wall Art prints, capturing the grace and elegance of these creatures. Elevate your interior décor and bring a touch of nature's beauty into your home.

      What Does Hare Wall Art Symbolise?

      Hares hold a variety of symbolisms in different cultures across the globe. Their presence in art and mythology dates back as far as 480BC ancient Greece, where hares can be seen decorating pottery. In classical antiquity, the hare was heavily hunted and survived through ‘voracious’ breeding. Thus, it became a symbol of fertility and was often given by lovers as a gift.

      Hares were a popular symbol in early Christian art, often used as a symbol of sin due to their associations with fertility. However, in the following decades this meaning shifted to one of re-birth, virginity and resurrection – hence the connection with Easter. In secular art across the renaissance and baroque periods, hare and rabbits were used to portray and wanton lust.

      Later, hares become a symbol of hunters – specifically, of the upper classes and protected and exclusive right to hunt. Here the hare can be seen as a symbol of high society and its closed practices. They also presented an opportunity for fine artists to demonstrate their abilities, capturing the incredible detailing and rippling fur of the majestic hare.

      Hares carry a deep spiritual meaning, with roots in paganism. Pagans believed a moon gazing hare brought abundance, rebirth and good fortune. This spiritual symbolism is still held in modern society, particularly among those with an understanding of wicca, yoga or other spiritual practices. The hare is a popular symbol in goth culture and other counter cultures, seen in jewellery, clothing and, of course, wall art!

      In contemporary art, hares are presented as full of character and spirit and hare wall art is a wonderful way to welcome nature into your home.

      Why Choose Framed Hare Wall Art?

      The process of framing is complex – when frames are not chosen correctly or the artwork is not framed properly, it can greatly diminish the impact of the artwork. At Framed Art Direct our exquisite frames and carefully chosen to enhance the artwork – so all you have to do is find the perfect spot for it. Framed artwork ensures your cherished art will look its absolute best.

      Hare wall art is likely to speak to nature or animal lovers. It is a welcome addition to light and bright rooms, however moodier pieces with deep green tones can perfectly compliment cosier, darker spaces such as a study.