Dog Wall Art Prints

Dog Wall Art Prints


      Character, colour and canine charm! Shop our full collection of dog wall art and find the perfect, playful piece to brighten up your space.

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      What Do Dogs Symbolise in Wall Art?

      Man’s best friend has been a feature in art for centuries. The companionship of dog and man serves as a symbol for trust, loyalty and humanity. Dog wall art may celebrate specific breeds and their personalities, giving the viewer feelings of nostalgia and contentment. It can also celebrate the power of humans cultivating positive relationships with the natural world. Dog art can uncover
      feelings of empathy and create a powerful connection between the artwork and the viewer.

      Key Features of Dog Wall Art

      Choosing Dog Wall Art

      Choosing art is all about finding something that stirs you and a work you feel connected to; choosing dog wall art is no different! Some people may be drawn to art that depicts a particular breed that they have a personal bond with, while others may simply fall in love with the overall composition. Fab Funky’s lively and whimsical prints capture the unique and enchanting characters of different dog breeds. Their quirky collections are the perfect addition to a playful gallery wall or for livening up any wall in your home.

      Where to Hang Dog Wall Art

      Dog wall art can be positioned anywhere in your home that’s in need of a little boost of happiness! It can add magic to kids' bedrooms, personality to utility spaces and a true sense of ‘home’ in kitchens and lounge areas. Think about the colour pallets in your chosen space and opt for dog art that compliments your interior.

      5 Facts About Dog Inspired Art!

      Most customers don’t need any convincing once they fall in love with a canine wall art creation, but here are five facts you may not know about artwork of dogs:

      Wegman, Picasso and Van Gough have all featured dogs in their masterworks – this selection shows the huge style variety that our furry friends inspire!

      Native art and mythology use the symbol of a dog to represent different meanings depending on the tribe. They are a crucial part of the origin stories for many tribes and appear in myths and legends as figures of spiritual guidance and companionship.

      Artist Keith Haring’s dogs were used to convey much deeper social and political messages. He used the dog to represent abuse of power and create critical commentary on the government and it became a symbol of socio-political activism.

      Hunting dogs were kept by the nobility who could afford to home and feed them. Hunting breeds became a symbol of status, often included in family portraits and other works throughout the stately homes of wealthy families.

      It is thought that the most expensive piece of dog artwork ever sold was a painting by George Stubbs; the 6ft by 7ft painting of a Newfoundland sold in 1999 for $3.6 million.