Orange Abstract Art Prints

Orange Abstract Art Prints


      Discover a vibrant world of colour with our exquisite collection of orange abstract art prints. Transform your space with these captivating masterpieces that evoke emotions and ignite imagination. Bring the elegance of orange into your home.

      What is Orange Abstract Art?

      Abstract art places an emphasis on colour, shape and lines. It exists outside our usual perceptions of form and subject matter, to create something previously unseen. It invites the viewers to explore the depths of meaning being presented in an entirely subjective way. It a thought-provoking and emotive style of works that lends itself to a wide variety of mediums. Orange abstract art may use orange as the only colour or as the dominant colour. In the absence of a definable subject and other colours can have striking and stirring results.

      Orange Abstract Art: Meaning and Symbolism

      Throughout the world, the colour orange has a diverse collection of meanings and symbolisms. It some cultures, orange is a deeply religious colour – in ancient Egypt, orange was used in art and decoration to represent the sun. Modern interpretations often draw from historical and cultural roots. Here are some of the most common symbolisms for the colour orange:

      Harvest & Earth: Orange can be vibrant and pinkish like a harvest moon – it can also be rich and deep like the colour of earth. These interpretations present orange as a colour for grounding and being closer to nature and its cycles. In Western culture, it is also associated with autumn leaves, Halloween and pumpkins.

      Warmth & Comfort: There is a comforting and social aspect to orange; colour psychology reveals that orange is often used in spaces where people are encouraged to congregate and interact in a positive way. It’s warming embrace is perfect for creating cosy spaces to while away the hours.

      Healing: Spiritual beliefs align orange with rejuvenation and energetic healing.

      Why Choose Orange Abstract Art for Your Home?

      As with all colours, orange can also hold intense personal meanings for individuals. A shade that perfectly matches a wedding bouquet, a memorable sunset, the hue of a child’s hair...there are so many reasons a piece of art may speak to an individual and abstract art has the additional benefit of subjectivity – without obvious forms and subjects, you impress your own experiences and memories right onto the canvas. Orange can welcome warmth to a room and plays as beautifully with sunlight as it does with candlelight. If you are looking to create an inviting space of comfort, cosiness and positive energy, the right piece of orange abstract art is sure to deliver.