Contemporary Wall Art Prints

Contemporary Wall Art Prints

      Bold, living, breathing; the scope of contemporary is broad and unburdened. It’s art and styles are likely to appeal to a large variety of viewers. Our collection showcases the incredible diversity of the genre, with rich pallets, intriguing subjects and art that is sure to ignite conversation and elevate your home.
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      What is Contemporary Wall Art?

      The genre of contemporary art is, within itself, a matter of great debate. Generally, it is accepted that contemporary art is any form of works created within a recent time, by a living artist or ‘within a lifetime’. The art itself can take any form from photography, oil paintings, sculptures, digital art, performance art and beyond. 

      Contemporary wall art and contemporary art prints contain a multitude of ideas, themes and talking points. The work is open to the interpretation of the viewer, who can choose to engage with the subject or simply enjoy the artwork for its visual impact. 

      Contemporary art is fantastic in the home as its broad scope makes it suitable for a wide range of homes and personal preferences. With its ability to transform a living space, contemporary art prints are an affordable and beautiful way to bring life and creativity to your home. 

      What is the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Wall Art?

      The crucial difference between modern and contemporary art is time. Though the terminology may seem misleading, modern art as a genre came before contemporary art. Modern art was a radical step away from the classical style that came before it, rejecting traditional forms and perspective. Modern art began in the 1860’s and the genre is considered to have ended around 1960. 

      Modern and contemporary art also encompasses different movements. Modern art movements include (among others) impressionism, surrealism and abstract art. Contemporary art includes minimalism, photorealism, installation art and conceptual art. 

      With something to suit every style, our collection of contemporary art prints and their talented creators truly represent the huge scope of contemporary art. 

      Influenced by pop culture icons, fashion and music, Emily Crook’s eye-catching creations blend high-end designer themes with a riot of colour and a nod to street and graffiti-style artwork. The vibrancy and clever blending of themes make these works a perfect example of contemporary art and the many influences it draws from. 

      Dotty’s high gloss, resin ice lollies present a tactile and unique addition to a home. Striking and immersive, her playful twists such as glow in the dark elements add a changing dimension to these pieces, which evolve depending on the positioning, light source and time of day. 

      Monica Vincent’s digital art presents the boundless possibilities in the ever-evolving word of contemporary art. Surrealist elements are infused with ink-culture and traditional tattoo themes, coming together in a collection of distinct and stand-out contemporary art prints.

      Whether you’re an art collector, an enthusiast, or simply someone who “knows what they like when they see it” contemporary art continues to be one of the most popular genres found in people’s homes. Contemporary art can allow us to express our specific passions and interests in its subject matter, or simply pull together a room’s interior features with its colour pallet. 

      Diversity is the underlining feature of contemporary art; this stretches to its themes, forms, mediums, sizes and prices. Our extensive filter tools allow you to refine your search down to the most intricate details, so you can find the perfect contemporary art print for your home.

      Contemporary art pieces can convey emotions, ambience and a social commentary. There are simply no rules to bridle the art, the artists or the owners. Ensure your art is hung at eye-level where it can be truly appreciated.