Highland Cow Wall Art Prints

Highland Cow Wall Art Prints


      Transform your space with stunning highland cow wall art prints. Discover a wide selection of captivating and unique pieces that will bring the majestic beauty of these gentle giants into your home. Elevate your decor and capture the essence of nature with our high-quality highland cow wall art prints.

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      Why is Highland Cow Wall Art So Popular?

      The highland cow became a feature of wall art during the rise of farmhouse interior trends; this design phenomenon hit different countries at different times, but is typically attributed to the mid 1990’s and stretched right through to the early 2010’s. Farmhouse design continues to be a popular choice in homes across the globe, and the highland cow is a charming addition to the cosy, farmhouse aesthetic.

      Highland Cow Wall Art: Symbolism and History

      The highland cow was bred in Scotland. Prized for its superior milk, the gentle giants also worked ploughing the fields and became a mainstay on Scottish farms. Beyond the practical role of the highland cow, they also hold spiritual significance for many. Symbolically, the highland cow may be seen to represent resilience. They are all a symbol of good luck and good fortune. Above all, the highland cow serves as a reminder to slow down and take the time to appreciate nature's bounty. In contemporary art, the highland cow is often painted with spring flowers or other vibrant colours, presenting them as a lively and charismatic that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

      Choosing a piece of highland cow wall art for your home is likely to be a charming experience! For many people, they simply fall in love with the unique character of a piece – here are some more tips for choosing highland cow art for your space:

      The highland cow can be presented in neutral, earthy colours (closer to realism) but they can also be showcased in a bright, psychedelic palette! Think about the colours in your intended space and which piece of art with best compliment them

      If you feel yourself leaning towards a piece of artwork but can put your finger on why, it is because you have created an emotional connection with the art or its subject. This is the foundation of choosing artwork for your home.

      The distinct style and colour pallet of Ben Jeffrey’s work sets the highland cow in all its natural majesty, with earthy tones and a light touch. By contrast, the playful prints of Fab Funky are all about bringing out the fun and brightness of the highland cow.