Blue Abstract Art Prints

Blue Abstract Art Prints


      Discover the mesmerising world of Blue Abstract Art. Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues and captivating forms of Blue Abstract Art Prints.

      What is Blue Abstract Wall Art?

      Blue abstract wall art uses shades of blue either exclusively, or as the dominant colour. Blue can evoke a variety of emotions and holds a wealth of symbolism and context – all of which will be interpreted differently, depending on the viewer.

      Abstract art is typically defined by 3 distinct characteristics; strong focus on colours, shapes and line, highly subjective and existing outside of the classic, recognisable visual references we see in the world (i.e. flowers/humans/animals). Abstract art is often perceived as a highly emotive form of art; portraying complex concepts and imbued with emotions, its subjective nature creates a continuing story that changes depending on who is viewing the work. Abstract art can take many forms including painting, sketching, prints and sculptures.

      The Meaning of Blue

      When interpreting blue abstract wall art, there are a few key symbolisms to look out for:

      Spirituality & Infinity: The sea and sky; an infinite partnership that presents a thousand shades of blue, from delicate, morning-sky pastels to inky, oceanic depths. Blue can be used to represent a spiritual enlightenment with a particular focus on the natural earth.

      Authority & Leadership: Historically, blue has been used a masculine colour to represent authority – best recognised in military uniforms. Modern artists may use these blue tones to champion or challenge the idea of authority.

      Serenity: Perhaps the most common emotions evoked by blue tones are feelings of peace and serenity. Kealey Farmer’s blue abstract works play with sharp edges and defined shapes, set against liquid drips for an enticing contrast. Some people observe the impression of buildings or places in her work – other's see an ode to the ocean. There are endless interpretations to her enchanting art, which is truly a master class in all things blue!

      Why Choose Blue Abstract Wall Art?

      The cool tones of blue are a fantastic way to bring feelings of calm into your home. Blue tones play beautifully with light, so you will notice your artwork shift throughout the day depending on the light. Well-chosen artwork can truly have a transformative power in a room and blue abstract art can elevate mood and offer an interesting focal point in your home.

      Blue is also a versatile colour that complements a vast colour palette. It is comfortable against other cool tones and silvers, but is also beautifully enhanced by the introduction of warm tones and golds.